Robinson Moreno (VE/CO) was an artist in residence at TYPA in August-September 2023. He spent his time in Tartu working on his animation project called “GALAXIA”, which is his first animation short film. At TYPA he created the climax scenes for his animation in experimental printmaking techniques.

On the 28th of September at 6pm we will start with an artist talk by Robinson, where he will share his technical experience of using experimental engraving as an animation method. The talk is followed by a 30-second screening of the climax scenes from the short film “GALAXIA” printed at TYPA and a Q&A.‌

After the artist talk, we will open his exhibition “GALAXIA”. Robinson will exhibit his sketchbooks and the prints that form the animation sequences created during his residency.

“This story came from an encounter with the real Galaxia near my home. Me, a skinny teenager and a fan of underground street culture. She, a fat woman in a black dress with pale skin and red lips, always lurking in the dark Caracas’ nights. A kind soul in sorrow, whose signature move was to lift her dress and show potential clients her vagina. Hers was the first pussy I saw.

Years later, I have been dealing with the residues of a toxic relationship and the feelings of loneliness in a country in crisis. With this short film I want to explore how this bizarre first experience influenced my ideas about sex and love.”

The exhibition will be up until the 28th of October in TYPA Paper Hall and can be visited during museum opening times: Wed-Sun 6pm-12pm.

Visiting the exhibition is free.

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