On the 15th of February we will open Polish linocut artists Monika Iwan’s, Henryk Krolikowski’s and Magda Szplit’s exhibition “3 Points of Linoleum Cuts” in TYPA gallery.

At 17.30 the artists will give a presentation about the Polish dot linocut art scene, at 18.00 we will open the exhibition.

3 points of linocut are 3 graphic designer’s views on life, nature and human beings. Magda Szplit and Henryk Królikowski are employees of the Institute of Visual Arts at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce for over 20 years. In their creative and pedagogical work they use various of methods of developing the matrix with particular emphasis precise cuts and dot cutting of linocut. Monika Iwan graduated of UJK in 2022, she created “The capsule of life” series in a similar technical way. The creative attitude and way of perceiving the world, and especially nature is similar for those three artists. The exhibition is an opportunity to meet three artists using the relief printing technique. Despite similar technical solutions, an individual approach to the topics discussed leads to the creation of new original compositions.

Exhibition is opened from 15.02.24 – 17.03.2024 in TYPA Gallery.

TYPA gallery is open Wed-Sun 12PM – 6PM.

Visiting the exhibition is free.

Näitust toetab Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage ja Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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