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On Saturday, 25th of May at 7pm we invite you to Aarne Mesikäpp’s “Damn Hard Exhibition” opening at TYPA gallery!

“Damn Hard Exhibition” presents Aarne’s unique illustrations made in typographic technique. He calls his works caricatures, as the serious, even severely acute topics are handled with humour, using repetitive symbols and cliché-like oppositions and comparisons.

But his technique – typography – is not a joke. Aarne Mesikäpp has used the rich type collection of print department of art academy, discovered print types, lines and borders of State Applied Art School and Grünther Reindorff’s from the 1920’s, and taught his students to appreciate and use them as well. All the works on the “Damn Hard Exhibition” are in typographic technique.

Aarne Mesikäpp (born on April 23rd, 1939 in Tallinn) went to Adila and Hageri primary schools, in 1955 – 1960 I studied in theatre decorations department in School of Fine Arts of Tartu. 1960 – 1966 I studied in State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (ERKI) in graphics department.

He has designed couple of hundreds of books and half a hundred of posters, and taught in printmaking, drawing and graphic design departments. But he is mostly apprised for teaching graphics in ERKI, where he started teaching in 1967, continued as master printer on 2005 and retired only in 2023.

Exhibition is open 25.05.2024 – 07.07.2024 during museum’s opening hours: Wed-Sun from 12:00 to 18:00.

Visiting TYPA Gallery is free for all.

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TYPA GalleryExhibition

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