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This year’s linocut contest ends with a month-long exhibition in TYPA gallery, presenting all the works submitted to the contest. You are welcome to visit the exhibition during the exhibition period at TYPA’s usual visiting hours Wed–Sun 12–6 pm.

This year we are hosting the sixth annual linocut contest. As the contest usually coincides with the International Museum Day, we were inspired by the ICOM’s this year’s museum day theme and decided to make our contest future-themed aswell. Participants of the contest can be of any age, nationality or skill level. Equal amount of exhibition space is provided for already professional linocut artists and children who are still discovering the style.

Winners will be announced at the end of the gallery exhibition on June 6th and in three categories: TYPA’s favourite, artist jury’s favourite and public favourite.

During the same period as the gallery exhibition you are also welcome to look through the web gallery on Facebook. The winner for ‘public favourite’ category will be chosen based on the amount of likes and reactions given to each submission. The web gallery will also be published on May 12.

Prizes for the three winners are provide by:
Pressing Matters magazine
Open Press Project


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TYPA Gallery
TYPA GalleryExhibition

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TYPA GalleryExhibition

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Linocut Competition 2022 culminates with an exhibition of all the submitted works at TYPA gallery. Exhibition is open for visitors…

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Linocut Contest 2022 Exhibition

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TYPA GalleryExhibition

Anna Kodź & Anna Trojanowska / Silk + Stone

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