TYPA GalleryExhibition

Linocut Competition 2022 culminates with an exhibition of all the submitted works at TYPA gallery. Exhibition is open for visitors We-Sun from 12 to 6PM.

TYPA international linocut competition takes place already 7th time and this year the theme of the competition was “Freedom”. Participants are from all ages and both experienced artists and amateurs.

At the end of the exhibition the winners of the contest will be announced in 4 categories:
🏆 Grand Prix 🏆 Youth Price (up to 15 year olds) 🏆 Public’s Price 🏆 TYPA Special Price

Simultaneously to gallery exhibition the works are displayed in Facebook gallery. The Public’s Price will be announced by the reactions each work gets there!

Supporters who have contributed to the prices this year are Pressing Matters magazine, Raamikoda framing shop, Snitty shop and TYPA Stationery.

Event’s Facebook link.

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TYPA GalleryExhibition

The Flying & The Seated – Notes about the Phini Chair

21 October 2022

Dio Dio Collective is presenting the Phini Chair* project outside its area of origin, Phini village on the island of…...

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Photo Exhibition “Stolen Snapshots”

23 September 2022

Hair. Wrinkles. Eyebrows. Beard. Eyes. Smiles. Anxiety. Joy. Everywhere in the world, people are unique, but at the same time…...

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Graciela Machado’s exhibition “Eido”

9 August 2022

Graciela Machado is TYPA’s artist in Residence, whos body of work is built out of technological archeology on print practices….

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Joel Freeman “It left a mark”

9 June 2022

Joel Freeman lives in Los Angles, California, USA. He is an art worker and artist and teaches bookbinding at a…...

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Linocut Contest 2022 Exhibition

25 May 2022

This year’s Linocut Contest works are on the exhibition until July 3rd. This year we have 58 works from 14…

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Anna Kodź & Anna Trojanowska / Silk + Stone

28 February 2022

TYPA Residency presents: “Silk + Stone” by Anna Kodź and Anna Trojanowska. Exhibition of Lithography and Silkscreen. Anna Kodź and…

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Vitor Pascale “Winter Breaths”

14 February 2022

On February 18th we open TYPA’s artist in residency Vitor Pascale’s exhibition “Winter Breaths” in Aparaaditehas Riia street gallery. “Winter…

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Evelyn Grzinich “Nothing more alive than…”

24 January 2022

Composting is understood as the controlled decomposition of organic material. In the same way, the creative process can be understood…...

TYPA GalleryExhibition


30 December 2021

SEMIOCULUS started out as an independent art zine, but has by now grown into a veritable international community of artists…...

TYPA GalleryExhibition

Oona Hyland’s exhibition “Active Forgetting”

25 November 2021

Work, the servitude of the victims of the Mother and Baby Homes and the Magdalene laundries in Ireland where unmarried…...

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