On Thursday, 9th of November, we’re celebrating Ukrainian Language and Literature Day!

On this occasion, you can print Ukrainian themed postcards on the Boston press during the TYPA museum tour on 8.-9. November.

TYPA museum tour includes an interactive guided tour of the museum, during which we introduce the journey of paper from China to Estonia and the history of printing in Europe. We showcase our collection of wood and lead typefaces, talk about various printing presses, and the art of bookbinding.

In addition, you can take part in paper making, printing, and see how various print machines work. While we usually print on our oldest press, the Dingler printing press during the tour, on Wednesday and Thursday, you can try your hand on the Boston press.

Read more about the Bostonpress here.

TYPA’s interactive museum tour lasts 45-60 min.

Ticket: 10€ / *5€ / **0€

Visiting is FREE for Ukrainians on 8.11 & 9.11. *Discount applies to: children older than age of 5, students up to age of 26. retired persons, persons with disability.

TYPA continues to collect donations for Ukraine, which we send to organizations recommended by our former resident artist Anton Hudo:

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation


На Борщ для ЗСУ

A collection of donations has also been initiated to support the Lviv Art Center, for more information please visit their Instagram page.


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