Come learn how to give a new life to old books in our Spiral Notebook short course on the 10th of December!

In the six-hour workshop, you can create a College series notebook from old book covers. The notebook will be made in combed spiral binding, the content paper is: white, lined or dotted. The covers can be made by the participant from a book they have brought (up to A4 size) or they can choose from the TYPA notebook cover collection.

The course is conducted by Katre Kiidron, who has studied graphic design in Tartu Art School and has been working as a binding specialist at TYPA from 2021.

Participants can take a lunch break at their convenience during the workshop. *TYPA does not serve lunch.

Price: 45€ / *35€. Discount applies to students up to age of 26, retired persons, persons with disability

Spots are limited, write us to register.

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