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Koroonaviiruse leviku ägestumise tõttu on töötuba teadmata ajani edasi lükatud.

On February 24, TYPA is open to visitors to celebrate the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. As usual at TYPA, the celebration will explore the art of printing.

As the start of this year marked 200 years since the publication, in Tartu, of the first issue of the Estonian weekly newspaper Marahwa Näddala-Leht, written and edited by Otto Wilhelm Masing, we have put together a workshop where the participants will get to print a publication inspired by this newspaper in honour of the anniversary of the republic.

The event will begin at 12 noon with a lecture by lecturer Ene Selart from the University of Tartu on the history of Estonian journalism and the two-hundredth anniversary of Marahwa Näddala-Leht. After the lecture, which is scheduled to last 45 minutes, anyone interested will have the chance to print the cover page of the first issue of the newspaper. The event will last until 14:00 and is free of charge.

As the number of seats available at the lecture is limited and in order to ensure appropriate physical distancing, please notify us of your attendance in advance by 23 February by e-mail at All visitors are also kindly asked to wear a mask, disinfect their hands, and keep a suitable distance from other visitors.

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