Maintaining old printing presses is not easy – they need warmth and light, a caring hand, and lots of machine oil. Individuals and businesses have the opportunity to support our work in the preservation of the heritage of print. By adopting the historic presses in our collection, they can uniquely support our endeavours and become part of the TYPA family. By adopting one of our mechanical wards, you agree to assist with the maintenance for one year.

The machine will still stay with us as part of TYPA’s permanent exhibition or in our storeroom, but will be supplied with (at the request of the adopter) a golden label bearing the name of the new foster parents. If the foster parents wish to remain anonymous, however, those wishes will of course be honoured. The kind foster parents may also visit their foster child at any time, i.e. adopting one will get you free entry to TYPA and discounts to our workshops and events. Below you can see all the lonely devices that are still waiting to be adopted. Clicking an image opens all additional information about and more images of the machine, as well as its adoption fee. TYPA is registered as a non-profit association with income tax concessions, meaning you can also adopt our devices as a company. If necessary, we can also issue an invoice to you (in which case 20% VAT will be added to the maintenance costs).

Proofing Press NVK 2

18 February 2022

Printing Press: Victoria Polygraph

20 February 2022

Nipping Press 2

23 February 2022


15 June 2022

August Fomm Paper Shears

15 June 2022