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This folding machine that makes one fold in the paper was built in "Ühiselu" print house in Tallinn. The machine has three rollers that touch each other. Two that are on top grab the paper and push them against the limiter at the back of the machine so the paper bends down and is folded between second and third roller. This folding machine was used mainly for folding the end sheets of books.

Folding machine, that was created in “Ühiselu” print house in 1953 is shyly sitting next to the entrance in TYPA and waiting for some visitor to show interest in them and ask about what it is and what it does. Actually this machine should be proud as it is one of the first inhabitants of the museum. If only it was able to talk, it could tell a lot of fun stories from the life in “Ühiselu” print house.

TYPA got the machine as a donation with a help fom “Greif” print house and is not the only museum item from “Ühiselu” print house. Most of the wooden and metal type in the museum are also from the same print house.

The creation of the machine is also exciting. It is not ordered from a big and fancy factory, but custom-built for “Ühiselu’s” needs. Extra benefit of the machine is that it is in exactly suitable size for our museum cat Ruby to sit on it and have a perfect overview of everything that is happening in the museum.

If you want to support TYPA’s preservation and promotion activities, you can do so by  adopting one of our machines. The adopted machine will still remain in place in TYPA, but will receive a gold label with the name of a good supporter and free admission to the museum.

If you want to support TYPA on preserving and introducing the print heritage, you can do that by adopting one of our machines. The yearly fee of adoption for folding machine “Ühiselu” is 75 €. Adopted machine will stay in TYPA, but will get a golden medal with the name of the kind donator and the adopter will get a free admission to the museum during the adoption period.

Send us your adoption request, and we will get back to you with more information on how you can support us.