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This is a machine for stapling the corners of cardboard boxes that was serving the Napritson family cardboard factory in Tartu until 1950s. Stapler is donated to TYPA by Lehti Saag. The machine was produced in Germany in Sächsische Cartonnagen-Maschinen-Actiengesellschaft factory and bears a serial number of 1711. The exact time of producing is not known, but it is between 1894-1935 when the factory was operating under the before mentioned name. At the moment the machine is not in the working condition.

TYPA’s volunteer Aydan from Turkey introduces the machine:

The first stapler was made for the French king Louis XV. Each of the staple was engraved with the royal symbols. Rumours say that some of the staples were made of gold and even decorated with precious stones. In 1866 patented George McGill little copper paper clip that was predecessor of the modern staples. Next he patented in 1867 a press that punched the staples into the paper. That innovative device was launched to the market in year 1868 but it was not advanced enough to be used comfortably. The staples had to be inserted to the stapler one by one.

This stapler is a unique device for print and paper industry. The specimen that we have at TYPA is also part of Tartu’s industrial history – it used to work in Napritson family cardboard factory in Tartu between 1935 and 1950s, where it stapled the corners of the cardboard boxes. The machine was donated to TYPA by Napritson family descendant Lehti Saag. Thank you!

If you want to support TYPA’s preservation and promotion activities, you can do so by adopting one of our machines. The adopted machine will still remain in place in TYPA, but will receive a gold label with the name of a good supporter and free admission to the museum.

If you would like to support TYPA’s activities in preserving and promoting print heritage, you can do so by adopting one of our machines. The annual adoption fee for the stapler is € 75. The adopted machine will still remain at TYPA, but will receive a gold label with the name of a good supporter on its chest and supporters will receive free admission and other discounts.

Send us your adoption request and we’ll get back to you on how you can support us.