Nowadays, printing text or images feels like the easiest and most natural thing ever. However, this has not always been the case. From ancient clay tablets and cave paintings, people have yearned to express their thoughts, pass on information, and display their creativity. At TYPA, you can see this journey unfold through everything from early Chinese printing techniques to the technologies used at the end of the last century – from wooden and tin types to large printing machines. And most importantly: most of these tools are still functional today. We at TYPA are passionate about preserving these skills and knowledge and keeping the related equipment up and running.

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To most people, paper is such a commonplace thing that they barely pay attention to it in their daily lives. Yet, as a material, paper has helped produce stunning works of art, drive sustainable thinking, and advance creative self-expression. TYPA’s workshops and exhibitions are aimed at teaching people of all ages about the nature, diversity, and uses of paper; developing their spatial abilities and capacity for creative self-expression; and to display exemplary works and sources of inspiration in paper arts from around the globe. TYPA is a professional environment for everyone who is interested in learning about the various uses of paper as one of the simplest materials and developing their creativity and sustainable thinking.

For a printing museum, it is important to preserve and pass on the secrets of the art of printing, which we can do best through our variety of workshops. There you will have the opportunity to try out different historical printing techniques or make paper by hand. We want our workshops to have a practical outcome; which is why, for example, in our most popular class the participants get to make a notebook with a personally designed cover.