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Tamar Lewinsohn’s photo exhibition “Connecting” in TYPA’s Paper Hall 29.09.2021 – 31.10.2021, museum is open Wed-Sun 12-18.

Exhibition opening 29.09.2021 at 18:00

Tamar Lewinsohn describes her works:

The work begins with a piece of paper, with a shape and a feeling. The work is led by the material, whether physical or visual. The work happens in the darkroom and in my own room.

I use a film camera and I use the sensitive surface of photographic paper to make images with and without a camera. To be creative within simplicity and independent from high technology is a thought I very much enjoy.

This body of work is an attempt to connect straight forward photography with camera-less photography. I mean to explore creation within the darkroom and the idea of photography as a craft.

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