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The exhibition “FragMental” by Eve Eesmaa invites you to TYPA Printing and Paper Art Center to see the artist’s experimental graphic compositions.

The current time is characterized by breaking boundaries, unconventionality, selective memory… Combining different perspectives, beliefs, judgments, styles, and genres has become more important than ever. By breaking down and reassembling fragments of thoughts, memories, and phrases, new and sometimes repetitive rhythms, situations, visions, branches, and convergences emerge. The original idea disappears, the following appears and renews itself between the juxtaposed fragments. Organized and arranged structures create new visions by breaking, displacing, reminding, and forgetting previous harmonies or contradictions.

Endeavours at TYPA Printing and Paper Art Center have allowed Eesmaa to integrate various possibilities of printmaking in a more diverse way: intaglio prints scratched and etched into metal, linocuts, typographic letterforms, and relief-surfaced ready-made materials. Through experimentation, the artist has reached the visual representation of the eclectic nature and occasional absurdity of the surrounding world and encourages the audience to contemplate various topics.

These peculiar and technically somewhat unconventional graphic works have attracted attention and have been featured in numerous prestigious graphic art competitions outside of Estonia, including the United States, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, China, Spain, Indonesia, England, Italy, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Lithuania, South Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, France, Northern Ireland, Romania, Germany, Serbia, Finland, Turkey, and more. Eve Eesmaa has also received recognition, including being highlighted by the jury in the 2021 Miniature Graphics Competition on the theme “Water, Fire, Earth, Air / Diversity” in Argentina, Parana; winning the best work award at the Small Graphics Biennial “Messages from Matrixes” in Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 2018; being highlighted and commended by the jury in the contemporary graphics competition in Colombia, Bucaramanga in 2017; receiving a diploma at the Contemporary Graphics Biennial in Romania, Ploiesti in 2013; and winning the Tartu Women’s Clinic Award in the charity project “Art for Children” in 2001, and more.

Eve Eesmaa is a member of the Estonian Artists Association, Estonian Free Graphic Artists Union, and Tartu Artists Association, as well as a leading lecturer at the Higher Art School Pallas and a teacher at the Tartu Children’s Art School. She has compiled an instructional book on printmaking techniques called “Printing is Fun” in 2008.

Many thanks for the support from the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and TYPA Printing and Paper Art Center.

The exhibit opening takes place on June 9, 2023, at 6pm, in the paper art room of TYPA Printing and Paper Art Center, Tartu, Kastani 48f.

The exhibition is open from 09.06.23 – 30.07.23.

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