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Dio Dio Collective is presenting the Phini Chair* project outside its area of origin, Phini village on the island of Cyprus, for the first time.

Sculptor Konstantina Achilleos and cabinetmaker Tuomas Venäläinen who form Dio Dio collective say: “We study a traditional craft while we try to figure out our role as craft makers in present day society. This project has had a strong local character since its beginning, answering to the condition of a dying craft and an undervalued culture. However, we see that the Phini chair has plenty to teach us in contemporary societies, with its energy independence, short supply chains and longevity.”

The book titled “The Flying & The Seated – Notes about the Phini Chair” created by the collective is a part of the Phini Chair Project, which the artists are working on during their residency at TYPA, Tartu.

The exhibition will open at the Aparaaditehas Balcony (Rõdu) Gallery on the 20th of October at 6:00pm, offering visitors a chance to glimpse inside the world of the Phini chair and the process of creating a book.

Exhibition is free and open for the visitors on Wed-Sun 12pm-6pm. 20th October until 13th November.

*The Phini chair is a preindustrial, traditional Cypriot seat that carries contemporary values of environmental and cultural sustainability.

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