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Join us for a blind embossing workshop with TYPAs guest artist Natalia Sajewicz on the 17th of December.

Blind embossing (also called blind printing or gaufrage) involves no ink and creates a design in which parts of the surface of the paper are raised- embossed or indented- debossed. The resulting image is a relief on paper which has interesting 3D effects seen under different angles and light. The image is not flat so it has both visual and tactile qualities. You can both see and feel the image if you touch it.

During the workshop the participants will create two images. The first one will be created by using a linocut plate and the second will be a more experimental one by using different materials such as pieces of textured fabric, paper cuts, or flat objects that can fit under a printing press.

Duration: 60-90 min The workshop is free and will be held in English.

We have room for 10 participants, please reserve a spot via emailing us at

Natalia Sajewicz is a Polish artist who works mainly with drawing, book design and print. During her residency at TYPA, she continues to develop her ongoing project about cultural heritage, as she comes from a region that is a melting pot of Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian and even Tartar cultures. The visuals are inspired by folk traditional woven textiles that she was used to seeing around her when growing up.

The project aims at reclaiming local heritage, which has been a subject of shame and embarrassment in previous generations but now are being rediscovered.

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