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On 14th and 15th of August we would like to welcome you to a wild etching course led by printmaker and PhD researcher Sarah Epping. She had the same course last year which was loved by the participants. But what exactly is wild etching?

Traditional printmaking is done by applying acid-resistant beeswax to metal and scratching or removing the image. This is then ‘etched’ in acid or an environmentally friendly alternative. Soft natural elements such as flower petals, leaves and blades of grass can be imprinted on top of the etching plate and add texture, pattern and natural forms to this multi-disciplinary printmaking technique. Students can combine natural elements with drawings, words, and abstractions to create unique printed compositions. The effect shall be a stunning biological illustration of natural elements of Estonian nature. Each student will be able to print a number of designs and to learn the classic etching process from start to finish.

The two-day course will be led by printmaker and PhD researcher Sarah Epping. An award-winning printmaker, she runs the artist-lead gallery and print studio Ctrl-Print in Wrocław. She has participated in over forty international exhibitions, received distinctions in two national competitions. Her work looks at the impact of man on our planet and the balance between the destruction and beauty of ecological destruction.

Each student shall have basic knowledge of the etching and printing process by the end of the workshop. Each student shall create 3 black and white prints of their completed composition on A4 paper. At the end of the workshop, the student shall be able to take their 2 prints and plate home and leave 1 print for the archives. The course is in English.

Day ⓵
10-10.30 – introduction and demonstration of the application of natural elements imprint into the etching ground
10.30-12.30 – creating a large collaborative etching plate.
12.30-13.30 – lunch
13.30- 15.00 – cleaning and preparing plates for the following day; preparing ideas and drawings for the following day.

Day ⓶
10-10.30 – printing demonstration
10.30-12.30 – printing
12.30-13.30 – lunch
13.30-15.00 – students can add colour to some of their etchings after a short demonstration on watercolour in print.

Course leader: Sarah Epping
Technique: Etching
Group size: 5-8 people
Language: English
Dates: 14/15 Aug, 10.00-15.00
Price: 60€
Please let us know of your wish to participate by writing an email to Participation fee has to be paid beforehand, by the 10th of August.

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