For TYPA’s first summer school, we have prepared two five day courses for those interested in printing and photography. During the summer school you can create an artistic printed book and a pinhole camera from an old book. Those interested can choose one course or participate on both. The summer school is conducted in English.

The price for one course is €140, €120 for students. // When participating in both courses, the price is €220, for students €200. *Prices do not include meals and accommodation in Tartu.

To register, please write to, deadline is July 10, 2023.
The number of participants is limited.


Pinhole photography goes back to the roots of photography. It’s a simple photography technique, but teaches the basic principles of light and shadow. Long exposure times force a person to stop and think about seeing the world from a different perspective. In this course, art is made from recycled materials, i.e. a pinhole camera is made from an old book.


Monday, 24.07

  • TYPA guided tour
  • Introduction to pinhole camera technology
  • Cyanotype workshop

Tuesday, 25.07

  • Workshop on building a pinhole camera from a book
  • Darkroom basics

Wednesday, 26.07

  • Pinhole camera photography workshop
  • Continuing building a pinhole camera from a book
  • Summer school graduation: presentation of works

Total duration of the course is 15 h (15 x 60 min) = 20 academic hours (45 min)

Instructor Joonas Ahtikallio is an analogue photographer from Finland. He is a board member of the Jyväskylä Creative Photography Center and teaches analogue and pinhole photography courses. He is currently developing a modern and sustainable plant-based method for developing images. Ahtikallio has been an exchange student in Tartu and considers this city particularly inspiring for an artist.

Joonas Ahtikallio’s course is supported by the Finnish Institute.


In this course you can expand your knowledge of printing art and book binding through practical activities. During the course, each participant prepares a concertina-bound book with cyanotype covers and linoleum cut pictures or hand-laid text inside.


Thursday, 27.07

  • TYPA guided tour
  • Introduction session looking at relief printing and letterpress
  • Cyanotyping workshop

Friday, 28.07

  • An introduction to basic typesetting and typesetting workshop
  • Printing a collaborative letterpress book on our historic printing machines

Saturday, 29.07

  • Bookbinding workshop I, learning one style of accordion binding
  • Bookbinding workshop II, learning a basic stitch, hardcover bound book
  • Presentation of final works

Total duration of the course 15 h (15 x 60 min) = 20 academic hours (45 min)

Instructor Charlotte Biszewski has studied multidisciplinary graphics in Great Britain and defended her doctorate in digital and experimental graphics at the Academy of Arts in Wrocław. She was awarded a Grotowski scholarship for the best doctoral thesis. Charlotte has worked in Great Britain, Brazil, Poland, Norway and Estonia and is a member of the board of the non-profit organization TYPA. 

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