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TYPA calligraphy course will take place in April and May 2023.

Workshop lead: Julia Pastsuk

Classes are held on Mondays from 6:00pm – 7:30 pm (two academic hours at a time). The total length of the course is 22 academic hours, which includes 16 academic hours of classroom work and 6 academic hours of homework.

In 2018, Julia graduated as a decorator-stylist at the Tartu Art School. She currently works as a graphic designer and uses several calligraphy techniques in her design work.

What is lettering?

Lettering is an umbrella term that encompasses the art of drawing letters rather than writing them. Lettering is considered an art form where each letter of a phrase or quote serves as an illustration. Each letter is crafted with attention to detail and plays a unique role in the composition.

During the Lettering Course you will

  • Become familiar with the anatomy and character of the letters.
  • Learn basic writing techniques.
  • Gain knowledge to design unique letters for e.g. logos or headlines.
  • Get a good base for future work with letters, e.g. on a chalkboard.

Price of the course: 90€ / *75€ for students. Course is conducted in Estonian, English and Russian.

To register, write to us at


03.04 Familiarization and introduction to the course. Preparation of workbooks.

10.04 Antiquity (Roman Capitals)

17.04 Antique small letters

24.04 Grotesque

08.05 Letter spacing and contrast (Deniss Jershov – TKK teacher)

15.05 Calligraphy and lettering

22.05 Composition

29.05 Inspection of theses

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