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You know how amazing and talented your cat is, right? Your cat can also be an international lucrative star if you know how to monetize its talents using intellectual property tools.

What is intellectual property, how does it work? What can I do and what not? How to monetize intellectual property I have? During the event we will discuss these questions in simple terms and elegant cat examples.

It’s time for your cat to shine bright and bring some income to the family. Friendly dog-owners and creative entrepreneurs interested in how intellectual property works are also invited.

🐈 Tutor: Alina Paas, intellectual property lawyer and strategist
🐈 Time: February 25 at 6pm to 7pm
🐈 Price: € 10
🐈 Language: English
🐈 Location: TYPA centre (Kastani 48f, Tartu)

During the workshop you will learn how to identify and protect intellectual property assets connected to your fluffy rising star, how to choose the strategy for monetization and how to avoid irreversible mistakes in commercialization. If you are new to the intellectual property topic, no worries, we will walk you through the main concepts in a clear and playful way. For training and better illustration of intellectual property commercialization methods, we invited Ruby, museum cat at TYPA centre, to be our top model.

Please register for the event by February 21 the latest by writing an email to typa@typa.ee as we have a limited amount of places. To secure the spot the participation fee has to be paid by February 23.

Participants will be seated within safe distance from each other and masks are obligatory.

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