Our notebooks are made from old books. Why?

During the Soviet era, an insane number of books were printed and produced. If today the normal amount in circulation around 1000-3000, then in the previous century they were as many as 30,000 – 100,000. Among these are textbooks and reference works with outdated information, scientific literature, Soviet-era propaganda, and an occasional literary classic.

Because books should not be placed directly in paper recycling, they often just end up in the landfill. In order for a book to be recycled, the paper must be separated from other materials – cardboard, fabric, plastic, (artificial) leather and the usual hardcover materials. Separating the book from its cover is what TYPA’s wonderful volunteers help to do. We send the content paper of the books to the Räpina Paper Factory, where it is recycled, and we bind new clean sheets inside the remaining covers.

In the production of notebooks and other products, we use as much waste products from printing or recycled materials as possible. The contents of the notebooks are made of 100% recycled Nautilus Classic paper, which meets the strictest environmental requirements. When making covers, we use Räpina cardboard and Luxline Gray cardboard, both of which are also 100% recycled materials. We try to recycle all the materials that reach us – book covers, bookbacks, inking rags from our printmaking studio, old photo books and posters, retro wallpapers, scratch prints, etc.

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You can buy our notebooks and bookcases from our online store, in person at the TYPA museum store or through our resellers. By purchasing TYPA Stationery products, you support the preservation of historical print equipment and our wider educational program. Thank you!

Our Suppliers in Estonia:

Rahva Raamat, Raamatupood Puänt, Les Petites, Oma Asi, Kiiks ja Knihv, Raamatubaar Romaan, Made in Aparaaditehas, Eesti Ajaloomuuseumi muuseumipood, Raamatupood Krisostomus ja Teele disain.

Our International Suppliers:

Ex & Terra (Pariis), Papiertiger (Linz), Kiasma muuseumipood (Helsingi) ja Rowaq bookstore (Kuveit).

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