k2rte 3.0 | masks and altars

14 September 2023

“k2rte 3.0 | masks and altars” exhibition opening will take place in Aparaaditehas Balcony gallery on the 15th of September…

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Anna Kodź & Anna Trojanowska / Silk + Stone

28 February 2022

TYPA Residency presents: “Silk + Stone” by Anna Kodź and Anna Trojanowska. Exhibition of Lithography and Silkscreen. Anna Kodź and…

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Vitor Pascale “Winter Breaths”

14 February 2022

On February 18th we open TYPA’s artist in residency Vitor Pascale’s exhibition “Winter Breaths” in Aparaaditehas Riia street gallery. “Winter…

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Evelyn Grzinich “Nothing more alive than…”

24 January 2022

Composting is understood as the controlled decomposition of organic material. In the same way, the creative process can be understood…...

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30 December 2021

SEMIOCULUS started out as an independent art zine, but has by now grown into a veritable international community of artists…...

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Etchings of Pallas

8 December 2021

On Wednesday, December 8th at 18.30 we will also open an exhibition of the Pallas students’ works created during their…

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Oona Hyland’s exhibition “Active Forgetting”

25 November 2021

Work, the servitude of the victims of the Mother and Baby Homes and the Magdalene laundries in Ireland where unmarried…...

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Kadri Toom’s exhibition “Enwrapped Cities”

26 October 2021

Kadri Toom’s graphic works and space installations reflect the fast developing areas in growing cities. These works represent the strong…


Lara Preiti’s exhibition “Shadow Workings”

7 October 2021

Shadow Workings charts Lara’s navigation of her experience with home as an in-between, liminal place. A multi-disciplinary artist, Lara has…

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Ljudmila Swarczewskaja “Searching For the Falling Stars”

1 October 2021

The title of the exhibition “Searching For the Falling Stars” is inspired by the poetry of Jaan Kaplinski, a famous…...

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Tamar Lewinsohn’s “Connecting”

28 September 2021

Tamar Lewinsohn’s photo exhibition “Connecting” in TYPA’s Paper Hall 29.09.2021 – 31.10.2021, museum is open Wed-Sun 12-18. Exhibition opening 29.09.2021…

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8 September 2021

Lembe Ruben’s exhibition “Nothingness”. In TYPA gallery 08.09.2021 – 03.10.2021, gallery is open Wed-Sun12-18. Opening of the exhibition 07.09.2021 at…

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30 July 2021

Prints in Parallel is an exhibition of the TYPA artists in residency during the summer of 2021, demonstrating a range…

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7 July 2021

An Estonian performance, installation and new media artist, Taje was trained at the alternative art institution Academia Non Grata in …...

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TYPA’s birthday exhibition

14 June 2021

TYPA’s big 10th birthday was actually in March 2020. For obvious reasons it has been rather difficult to celebrate such…...

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Linocut contest exhibition

28 April 2021

This year’s linocut contest ends with a month-long exhibition in TYPA gallery, presenting all the works submitted to the contest….

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Irena Lawruszko – ‘Forgotten Architecture’

25 February 2021

In February, Ukrainian artist-in-residence Irena Lawruszko will be presenting her works at the TYPA Gallery. Graphic artist and painter Irena…...