We make wedding invitations, business cards, posters, and other printed materials for anyone who appreciates the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of letterpress printing. Lettering pressed into soft paper, a tactile relief, a charming texture – all of this is present in the printed products made by hand on TYPA’s historical printing presses.

Our printed products are handmade on 19th and 20th century printing presses that require special training to operate. As such, our printing services are suitable for anyone who appreciates the unique aesthetic produced by letterpress printing and wishes to support the preservation and safeguarding of the cultural heritage surrounding the craft.

Before production can begin, we must establish the exact wishes of the customer. For inspiration, you can visit TYPA Centre to see samples of printed matter that we have previously completed, as well as take a look at the different paper materials and fonts available, including samples of craft paper produced right here at TYPA Centre.

To request a quote, write to us and tell us how you envision your printed product, including: the format, design and text, printing ink(s), type of paper, and the desired number of copies. Please note that our average production time for handmade printed materials is two weeks. If the need is dire, of course, the job can be completed faster for an additional express service charge.