TYPA Centre offers educational programmes on paper arts and printing for artists, art students, and complete beginners alike. For novice studio users, we can, upon request, give an introductory overview of letterpress printing, other styles of printing (etching, embossing, silkscreen printing, etc.), photo development, and bookbinding. We also provide tools, workspaces, and inspiration to Tartu’s community of artists in the hope of popularising the innovative and engaging art of printing and graphics. We are the only open printmaking studio in Tartu.

Before you can start using our printing studio, you need to choose a suitable membership plan and schedule an introduction tour. The introduction tour, where we show you around our studio, is obligatory for all first-time users of our studio and costs €8. The tour lasts about one hour. TYPA’s studio is open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 to 17:30.