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Here is a screen shot from the film Dekalog Six; it is both a representation of a dismissal of self/identification as well as motioning towards considering an alternative way of looking/seeing. The film itself is based on an exchange through a pair of binoculars and a window.

Officially from the month of July, but in reality from the middle of August, TAiR welcomes a conceptual artist from New Zeland, Zoe Crook (nomdeplume: itistwothings). Zoe is the first artist to enter the residency program from New Zeland and also the very first artist who participates in the academic residency that was launched this year in collaboration with the Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

The academic and artistic residency is a six month long program during which the artist follows his/hers artistic path but also teaches a course at the Pallas University. As a resident teacher, Zoe will teach a parallel masterclass on Contemporary Performance practices in Europe and Abroad.  The upcoming schoolyear promises to be exciting!

Zoe’s residency started officially from the beginning of July but in reality, she will arrive to Tartu in the middle of August. Her artistic journey started from Venice from where she mindfully follows a path towards Tartu on a bicyle and, occasionally, on a train. She will be documenting the journey and will later introduce the materials in Tartu. While on residency, Zoe will make a new inventory of ideas/instructions/symbols created in dialogue with the zeitgeist. These will be explored in the form of a performance by creating a kind of ‘conceptual-decorativism’ via architechture, dance, language and sound.


I photographed the grave of Rimbaud when I was twenty-six. The pictures were not exceptional but contained the mission itself, which I had long forgotten.

Patti Smith, M Train


Zoe’s vision of her residency in her own words:

A diversion through the thousand plateaus

mission V to T: I to E

Find conception like forms. Arrive, be in form. Make actant, create informants.



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