TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

In 2019, TAiR is starting a new collaboration and becoming a partner residency with Kintai Arts Residency Program in Lithuania. The first artist who takes part of the exchange, is a printmaker Živilė Minkutė.

During her residency, Živilė will be working in the open printmaking studio at the Estonian Print and Paper Museum.

“I find inspiration in the greatest creations like forms of nature. Besides that, I deeply admire installations of contemporary art but despite that, my artistic expression is mainly focused on two-dimensional works. I often follow patterns of nature – deserts, mountains, sea – all these majestic structures are based on repetitive patterns that present its subtlety by slight variations in detail.

I create images, as a representation of subjects that are not visible but felt by everyone, because of that reason they gain a very subjective form, as a reflection of previous experiences. When I’m describing one that belongs to me, it becomes an image and because we are talking about subjects that you can not physically touch, my artworks are mainly expressed through abstract forms. Most of them are in quite large scale and taking the advantage of a wide space I exploit it on free expression of physical motion rather than giving attention to hairsplitting detail.

I come from a printmaking background and despite that the media I use sometimes varies I kept the principles of engagement to the process based in the tradition: layers, repetition between artworks and a traditional or an alternative form of an imprint. I find the action of printing important because it is the way to become the medium between physical form and abstraction by creating a visible impact of another object. At the same time, if we’d take it literally, it plays out as a form of an impressionistic  work. I’d like to position my art practice as a form of impressionism, despite being a part of the contemporary art field.”

During the residency, Živilė will begin a series called “collecting stones”. It’s a project about an unit as a part of a mass, the uniqueness of it and repetition that becomes a mass. She will be working in monotype technique.


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