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Živilé’s open studio

I had a great pleasure to be a participant in Tartu Artist in Residence program during February when the winter was still white in all of its beauty. It was a pleasure to walk every day to the museum in luckily mostly sunny and white city.

I am a printmaker, so most of my time I spent at the museum in the studio layering my multilayered works over and over again. The studio was calm and very light, so I had a pleasant time working there. Besides that, I was enjoying the company of the staff which was pretty busy most of the time, but always open to help or to have a short conversation.

Even though I haven’t used all of the analog printing machines much myself, considering our digitalized era I find it an impressive opportunity to even be able to see these mahines being used daily. But I was lucky enough to become the first artist in residence that had the possibility to get to know the newest member of the museum machinery team – an “analog photoshop”. As you may understand, I’m not a photography pro, but I had a great time learning the ways it can be used and being a part of an experimentation that became a part of my personal project.

Last but not least a must to mention is a museum cat – Victoria, that gives a charm to the place and sometimes even grants you with the kindness of letting itself being caressed.

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