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Yuko Kinouchi is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She will attend on June 2015 for one month.

She has a Bachelors and Master Degree in Fine Arts by Tama Art University in Japan. She works with painting, installation, video work include animation, narrative film and documentary. She aims to express her thought what is made by relation between dairy life and social system.


About her Project


Her theme of art is thinking about the structure of the world where we live, in shortly, searching for the gaps between the subconscious of people and the commonsense made by social systems. In order to visualize that, she employs the keyword “protection of environment” as concrete theme. She is making a video work contain an interview and drama what is one of situation of environmental activity in suburb Tokyo.

During the Tartu Artist in Residence, she will make another part of the video work what is practiced in Tokyo. She will interview with local people about the environmental situation in Tartu and make a new narrative.

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