TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

TAiR offered me a space within which I could free myself from the conventions and engage with my own voice in my own ways in the setting of a beautifully complex city. This experience was not only highly liberating but also a crucial support when I needed it the most. I used my three-month residency at TAiR to develop a documentary film project which I began in 2015.

As an Indian filmmaker making a film about a finno-ugric community in Estonia, I had several creative, technical and logistical challenges. The creatively enriching space, artistic freedom, and an openness towards different art forms at TAiR enabled me to overcome many of these challenges and helped me to take my project to the next level. TAiR’s openness and sensitivity towards different art practices infuses it with a confidence which has its roots in its uncompromising efforts to create and nurture a rich and engaging creative space in Tartu. Though they had never hosted a documentary filmmaker before, they were highly equipped in helping me out in all possible ways.

Apart from several opportunities to engage and network with the other visiting artists as well as the local artist community, I also had the privilege to explore the diverse art scene of the city of Tartu. The stunning winter in Tartu and the warmth of its inhabitants offered me some unforgettable experiences which I’ll cherish all my life. Thanks to the entire team of TAiR, especially Lemmit Kaplinski, for endowing me with such a rich experience.

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