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In collaboration with Vantaa Artist Association (Vantaan Taiteilijaseura), Tartu Artist in Residence is excited to announce that for the first time, we are offering a one month residency exchange for a local Estonian artist to Vantaa, Finland during the month of May 2016. The residency includes free accommodation, studio space and a scholarship of 500 euro. During the residency it will also be possible to arrange a temporary exhibition.

Vantaa is located in Southern Finland, has a population of more than 200 000 citizens and is probably best known for hosting the country’s largest airport. Hence Vantaa takes pride in being an ‘urban airport city’. Situated in the heart of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the capital is within easy reach. But Vantaa also offers interesting opportunities in itself. For twenty years already, Vantaa Art Museum presents temporary domestic and international exhibitions of contemporary art. To date, the museum has a collection of 10 000 artworks, focussing mainly on Finnish and Nordic contemporary art. Galleria K, part of Vantaa Art Museum, presents the pearls of the museum’s collections as well as exhibitions arranged by The Artists’ Association in Vantaa. Numerous art installations can also be found outside, for example artist Risto Vilhunen’s modern environmental art at Leonardo da Vilhu sculpture park in Sepänmäki or the sculptures of Laila Pullinen at the park of Nissbacka Manor. Vantaa City Festival, which takes place during the residency month, will ensure that there won’t be single a dull moment.

The selected artist will be accommodated in the Gjutars Artist House, located right in the city centre of Vantaa. The apartment consists of one room (20m2) and has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, TV and radio/CD-player. Wi-Fi is also available in the apartment and there is access to a washing machine. Additionally, the room has a small balcony. The studio space is located in the same building and is spacious and bright, with access to water. The artist will also be provided with a bike.


Terms and Conditions

Gjutars Residence agrees to:

  • Welcome the artist and provide a personal introduction to the local art and social scene
  • If desired, work with the artist toward a public outcome (e.g. workshop, artist talk, temporary exhibition)
  • Provide free accommodation and studio space for the duration of one month
  • Provide a scholarship of 500 euros

The artist agrees to:

  • Acknowledge Gjutars Residence and Tartu Artist in Residence in the publications connected to any particular works of art created during the residency
  • Contribute to the development of Gjutars Residence programme and Tartu Artist in Residence programme and promote it by available means
  • If possible, donate one artwork to the programme
  • Cover the following expenses
  1. Travel expenses
  2. Per diems
  3. Production costs



Application is open to Estonian artists from all creative disciplines. The deadline for applications is 15.02.2016. Results will be announced on 29.02.2016.

To apply, please send your English CV, portfolio and short project proposal to

Further information:

Nele Behaeghel
Phone: +37258570694



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