TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

My art starts with photography but my output is heavily influenced by printmaking and drawing.  I am particularly interested in alternative photography techniques and old processes especially cyanotype because it is such a simple and effective medium that anybody can use from making sunprints to complex large scale photo based images.  I tend to use a lot of different techniques to produce finished work on many types of surfaces, the images suggest the process and the process suggests the finished piece.

I intended to study fine art when I left school but I ended up discarding art and concentrating on photography.  It is only in the last 10 or so years that I have returned to image making as opposed to image capture for it’s own sake.  Initially I did this because I could not find a public darkroom where I was living and was forced to use alternative chemistry.

I intended my project to be about the museum when i applied, but since i have been in Tartu, I have been fascinated by the lights and shadows around the place and this has become the main focus.

Tina will do a residency from April to the beggining of May.



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