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Helsinki-based artist Tiina-Maria Aalto (b.1984, Finland), incorporates different mediums in her art, ranging from paintings to performances and installations. Aalto’s art is about relationships, social interaction and phenomena of society, e.g. consumer behaviour.


Aalto graduated from the Turku University of Applied Sciences – Arts Academy, with the degree work “Persona, Impression & Reflection” about contemporary portrait art 2012. Her undergraduate studies included an exchange period on her 3rd year in Ecole supérieure d’Art de Grenoble in France, which was followed by a gap year spent in the United Kingdom, Birmingham.

Her works have been exhibited in France and Finland (e.g. Gallery Saima, Gallery Titanik, The Finnish Museum of Photography). A series of her drawings were also part of Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller’s “24 Hour Rockshow” in IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2015 (link: ), Helsinki.

In Tartu, Aalto will start a new project in Tampere Maja’s Open Studio, where you’re welcome to visit her. Her residency in Tartu will take place from 1.11.2015 till 22.11.2015.

 Artist Statement

“Since 2013 I have mainly worked with so called “Mannequins Project”, painting in aquarelle watercolors. The project was about a human likeness of mannequin dolls. It explored the realities presented by shop windows around Europe and the humanlike nature of mannequins – an inconspicuous part of the vibrant, everyday city landscape. This project has led me to look deeper into commercial world and study its incidental phenomena. In Tartu I will continue this path and work with aquarelles, but with a new subject and more abstract approach than before.”

Recent works

Artist’s website:

Latest news, information about the Open Studio in Tampere Maja:

The Mannequins

‘The Mannequins’ explores the realities presented by shop windows and the humanlike nature of mannequins – an inconspicuous part of the vibrant, everyday city landscape. 


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