TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Graduated with a degree in visual arts in 2012, Thomas Mocaër is a young French photographer. He will stay with us for one month.

About his personal work, his research focuses on the concept of memory. He is interested in the fragmentation of memories, the subjectivity of memory and the singularity of views. Thomas doesn’t have favorite subjects; according to him, everything can be interesting at a certain point of view. For him everything starts wandering and continues with a dialogue with the limits of the medium as well as the rigidity of the framework imposed by the photographic tool. (For more information:

During his resicency in Tartu, his project consists of a series of photos about Creative Center Carnation. (Including the Printing museum, Paper museum, people who work there and visitors).
“I would also like to use specific resources including the museum to make paper and experiment with new printing techniques.”

His residence will result in an exhibition and a workshop.




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