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On Friday, January 3rd 20:00 at Tartu Uus Teater. Artist in residence Martiona Kartelo (Croatia) will present her forum-theatre project in collaboration with citizens of Tartu.





For some people art is a way to communicate! For Croatian theatre actress Martina Kartelo, it is exactely that, medium to have a dialogue with audience about important things. United with exciting Augusto Boal theatre technique named Forum Theatre or Theatre of Oppressed and small community group of theatre enthusiasts, this Croatian performer will try to have a collaborative talk with Estonian society about the things which matter and try to create the space where we all can share something valuable and fun. Come and join us for this post New Years party adventure! Lets start our new year with dialogue and let’s make a difference! Let’s see if theatre can be or give a solution!

Tickets: 2*/3

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* students; seniors; showing a self-made poem about Tartu:)

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