TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence


“I’ve been staying three months in Estonia, I arrived on Coleman’s month and came back in spring, when flowers grow and leaves get green. During all this time I never really felt time, it just passed by. I’ve been working at the studio with Kalju, one of this old and wise men, he taught me most of the printmaking techniques I’ve been using for my project. This residency gives you freedom to think and create; and the studio is simply a beautiful mess, an intricate labyrinth of old typographic machines (most of them are still working) and intaglio presses. You can play around with types and colors, you can find out how books are made and make one yourself. The building itself is full of surprises, it used to be an old factory and now is a center where many artists and creatives have their own studio. My “look-back” is already nostalgia, even if Estonia seems cold from the outside, it’s a warm country on the inside, made by multicultural and open-minded people, ready to help you anyhow. Underneath you can see a selection of my impressions!”

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