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Two artists, an animator and a composer, Eszter and Mikael, together create short animation videos that reflect the city where they are living in. They capture small moments, moods and stories of a place, using drawing, animation and music. Their collaboration started while they both lived in Lisbon at the same time. They started to do animated video sketches about Lisbon, and called them Lisbon Sketches.


In January 2015 they will go to Tartu to create the Tartu Sketches.The idea of the project is the same as in Lisbon Sketches, to create a series of short animated videos about a place, but this time, the place will be Tartu. They want to know the real Tartu, not just the stereotypical touristic point of view. For one month they will be absorbing the city by meeting people and observing the local life, smelling, tasting and hearing the city, exploring the streets, getting lost, trying to discover many different sides of Tartu, and then transforming their experiences into animated little moments, hoping the result manage to tell something intimate about the city.


At the end of January they will put together the material born in Tartu and organize a pop up exhibition, including screening of the new short films, the original drawings and a live concert.

You can see here the pictures they use for the animation movie and very soon their film.

sketch1 (1) sketch5sketch10




sketch13sketch17IMG_7499sketch17 (3)sketch18 sketch20sketch22


You can see here the animation movie : .




Eszter Drienyovszki (Animation | Hungary)

Mikael Joonatan Kuosmanen (Music | Finland):

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