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Tamara Wilson is an Alaska born installation and soft sculpture artist currently working in Fairbanks. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 2014. Tamara has spent the majority of her artistic career working in the medium of paint, but more recently has moved into thread, needle and felt. She sculpts life-sized environments out of bolts of felt fabric laid over skeletons of wood, wire or paper, creating domestic tableaux.

Tamara will be in Tartu for her residency from 22.11.2015 until 27.12.2015.

Artist Statement

“I create immersive installations out of felt and thread playing with the line of what is considered real. What happens between the layers of the existing infrastructure and how I am able to manipulate it is where the work becomes most interesting. What happens within the line of what is true and what is created? I love things that are what they are, like paper plates made out of paper. What happens between the felt wallpaper, the true light switch, and the paper plate interacting together in the same space is exciting because it shows their absurdity. Integrating real and simulated elements throughout the installation starts to break down the validity of both. 

I have always wanted to visit Estonia, I grew up listening to stories from my god mother of when she was a child there. I would like to work on a project that capitalizes on shared experience, celebrating a distant connection and discovering the differences and similarities between Estonia and my home of Alaska. I am interested in the idea of what is home, is it really anywhere or is it just the idea or memory that is real. With my time in Tartu, I will create a small felt art installation playing with simulated and real objects while exploring my temporary home.”

 Recent exhibitions

2014   50 Plates, March 28th-April 3rd, Free Style Galler, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2013   Have Beens, July 5th-30th, Well Street Art Company, Fairbanks, Alaska
2012   Stitch Thought, October 26th-December 9th, Center for Contemperary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2011   Thread, April 1st- May 3rd, 2011, Well Street Art Company, Fairbanks, Alaska
2011   Figures: Animated and Illustrated, March 4th- March 29th, The Annex, Ester, Alaska


Recent works



Video of exhibition “50 Plates” (2014)


You can find out more about Tamara on her website:


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