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Creative Center Carnation, the current coordinator for the Tartu AIR, has initiated a new international collaboration project called “Tales from the Woods”. The focus is on artist i residency centres in small cities in partner organisations in Finland (Kronomagasinet), Sweden (Not Quite and ARNA) and Norway (Rogaland Art Center). The main goal of Tales from the Woods is to research the effect of artistic residency on those communities. Smaller locations were chosen, because the connections between the local community and the residing artists is more visible in that way.

In addition to the main goal, Tales from the Woods also gives five young artists from the member centers the chance to visit another center and get support in creating their own artwork. The partners will choose one artist from their community, who in turn will visit another partner for a short mini-residency for. The art flâneurs form an important bond between organisations, people and communities. They will not only participate in the residency activities and create their artwork, but also run a collective blog about their activities and provide input for the research.

The project will end with a symposium and the publication of study results in Tartu, April 2014. The symposium is open to all interested.

For more information, please contact Kirke, the project manager +372 52 30 600

The project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund and the city of Tartu.

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