TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

A presentation of artworks and international mini-buffet by Joséphine Vejrich (SE) and Toshihito Watanabe (JA)

Joséphine & Toshihito (Tosso) Watanabe have spent one month in Tartu as artists in residence. Their main project “Surfaciometry” is a collaboration, based on walks around Tartu. It wonders about how our preferences and memories influence the choices we make in exploring a new environment. To reflect on their own biases and baggage, Joséphine has used carbon paper to trace surfaces they have encountered in the city — essentially contact copying various textures from trees, houses and streets. Tosso on the other hand has taken these replicas of original surfaces and (re)interpreted them as illustrations. This process combines the subjective and the objective, a copy and an original work and balances the traditions and the atmosphere of the city with the memories and inspiration of the artists. As a bonus, Joséphine has illustrated a small story about a cat searching for a forgotten Russian letter in the Print and Paper Museum.

July 27th 18:00 at the Print & Paper Museum, Joséphine & Tosso invite everyone to share in their explorations, discuss art and the city and enjoy snacks from an international mini-buffet they have prepared. Come and bring your friends.

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