TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Originally from Diyarbakir, Turkey, Seçkin Aydin studied Fine Art Education and sociology, writing a Ph.D thesis on the affect of global homogenization on art and culture. He was the first Artist in Residence of the Tartu AiR program, spending May 2012 working in St. Anthony’s Courtyard. His stay was also supported by Tartu AiR partner, Tartu Centre from Creative Industries.

GlobaliFashion Exhibion

At the end of his residency Seçkin held an exhibition in St. Anthony’s Courtyard entitled ‘GlobaliFashion: Estonia’, which combined elements of traditional Estonian costumes with mass produced materials to present ideas about the effect globalization is having on traditional culture.
Seçkin has exhibited his work in Turkey, Czech Republic, Iraq and the Netherlands, and has previously been artist in residence in Wortwedding, Berlin. He went on to residencies in Turkey and Iraq, and made plans to return to Tartu in August 2012.

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