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Sabatina Leccia is a french artist attached to the notion of sustainability. (Winner of the EDF Sustainable Design Challenge in 2011).

She starts to study History and Archeology in Paris at La Sorbonne before enter to the Ma Textile Future at Central Saint Martins School in London.

Her education brings Sabatina to consider the past as important as the present and the future.


Her work reflects this consideration : she is using notions or old traditional skills such as embroidery to create contemporary art pieces. Her aim is to introduce a dialogue between the past and the present in order to make sensitive and poetical designs.

During the Tartu Art Residency, Sabatina will do an aerial installation by using plastic bags ( which symbolize the fast-consumption of our modern industrial sociaty), that she is going to hand-embroider. Contrary to the plastic bags, the embroidery represents the past, the meditation and the slowness. This piece which includes very opposite ideas to create a peacefull installation could remind the philosophy of mandalas.

Her aim is to make people think about how nowadays It is important to take into account the old natural heritage from our planet. Instead of destroying it whe have to collaborate with it for a better future.


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