TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence
Three months back when I stepped on the land called Estonia, I couldn’t have thought that leaving it would be like leaving home. I am already missing my spacious, well-lit studio, my cozy apartment and long Estonian days. Not to forget the walks in the botanical gardens which resulted in so many paintings I was able to produce there.
I am grateful to my host Lemmit, for always being there for me, for taking my heavy suitcases up to the fourth floor, (a task I could never have done without him) for inviting me to all the lunches and dinners, for exhibiting my work and again helping me with my luggage at departure time.
Thank you Salme for keeping me updated to all the hip events and showing me the cool places to hang around in Tartu.
Thank you Margus and Ingrid, for your feedback on Estonian history and Estonian socio-cultural nuances today.
Thank you Agnieszka for the tour of the beautiful, old city of Tartu.
I am grateful to Aime Oide and Vaike Vider for their quiet, smiling, welcoming and helpful presence in the Artists’ House (my studio building).
Thank you Dagmar for printing all the paper work and Elve for conversing with me (so successfully too) in your own language and having this wonderful shop where I bought all my art supplies. Thank you Peeter and Markus Toompere for helping me solve my small little problems all the time. Thank you Tuli for your wonderful hugs and amazing shoulder massage. Thanks to all the other girls working at the Print and Paper Museum, and so many others who made my stay in Tartu into a memorable and amazing experience.

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