TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Rodrigo G. de San Martín (RSM), is a musician and artist from Mexico city currently living in Tartu. Rodrigo’s work engages in experimental projects that bridge science, technology, art and sound; he has worked in artistic projects in Mexico City, USA and the Baltics (Estonia and Lithuania).
 ”I believe art as a space of possibility in which we can pose questions and contest assumed notions of science and technology. Given the freedom that characterizes art, it provides a place where we can reflect on our use of technology and our ideas of the world as proposed by the scientific sphere.”

Alongside his artistic work Rodrigo has also developed in academia researching on topics related to Aesthetics, Semiotics, Gender, Feminism, Contemporary Art, and particularly the intersection between Art, Technology and Science. He is currently studying Semiotics at the University of Tartu.

He starts his residency in the beginning of March. The project aims to explore the organicity and interactivity of electronics through the use of capacitive conductive ink.  Rodrigo intends to create a big-scale visual installation that will allow the audience to interact directly with the paper and inks. The installation will produce a more organic experience with technology, thus acting as a bridge between technology and life. This project will be done in collaboration with emerging artist Kat Suryne, who strives for unusual effects by mixing different techniques, such as painting and graphics, to impart ornamentality to her works. Suryne is specifically interested in organic patterns, which she imitates in order to create her unique design.




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