TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Robyn Smith was an Artist in Residence at the Printing Museum in August 2012. Trained in Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Robyn has been a professional printmaker since 1975, lecturing and setting up numerous printing workshops. She has exhibited work extensively in Australia and Europe, and her work is currently showing in an exhibition in Finland which will move to Sweden at the end of August. She has also forged strong ties with the artistic community in St Petersburg, where she has a studio. Robyn is also a member of Sydney Printmakers guild.

During her time in the Printing Museum, Robyn intends to combine her experience in etching and paper making with letterset printing. She will print proverbs onto her own handmade paper which are then made into books.
Robyn will also participate in the 7th International Potatoprint Festival, held in Järva County. Tartu’s artistic community will be given the chance to benefit from her expertise as she will run workshops in the Printing Museum at the end of August.

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