TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

The month of July welcomes a sculptor from France, porte renaud.

Born in 1987, porte renaud lives and works hic et nunc. His sculptural practice, through the accumulation of materials, gestures and shapes, questions the body as an “absent referent” in its process of incarnation, apparition and dissolution. The spurt of the material is ordered by protocols (which determine stabilizations) which are as many fields of constraints allowing me to make sculpture in a context, a place, a moment…

He is a graduate of the french art school of Limoges (2011) and he has a bachelor of philosophy.
During his residency in Tartu, he develops a sculptural relation to History and memory in this very special year for Estonia. His sculptural propositions interrogate the tensions between beings and the reasons for being. If sculpture has a cemetery’s foretaste (Arturo Martini, Sculpture, a dead language), maybe sculpture process can be living as a daily struggle.

porte renaud:



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