TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence
Time particles of Japanese earthquake found in Chinese wasteland are the rubble of interactive projections. They merge with the city architecture, reflecting on the buildings. Recalling an imaginary climate change.

Time warp’ is a project of a video landscape, that has originated this year at Loft345 Art Space in Guangzhou (China) as a collaboration between Piotr Bockowski ( & Benjamin Creek  (, complemented by music of Oksana Zmorovytch from Kiev ( They are going to develop their idea of interactive projection into completely new work throughout October 2014 as a part of Artist in Residence program at Creative Center Carnation in Tartu. The work will be presented during Halloween night in Aparaaditehas space.

“Time Warp” will unfold into a detached landscape of unspecified phantasy climate change. In search for a space full of longing or simply a desolated area that can be deformed into a heap of digital dust if not a synthetic leak. Presenting an exotic natural disaster as trash, in a geographical and climate area  different than where it has occurred originally, ‘Time warp’ is going to be detached completely from any specific location and transform into a fictional environment of enigmatic transformation, abandoning geopolitical borders in a subtle fusion of ecology with haunting mind states. Picturing an earthquake and it’s disturbing landscape that inevitably conceives visions of the ever transforming Earth and its unexpected morphology as well as almost unknown climate change. The earthquake is an inspiring context for the idea of media, in which screens and their projections are emerging from the landscape as scattered rubble of completely different time of planet’s history. Thus media occur as a geological or maybe even atmospherical phenomena and ‘Time Warp’ becomes a vehicle of those unknown futures of our living environment.

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