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Petteri Aaltolainen is a visual artist from Finland who will be attending the Tartu Artist in Residency in September. He is coming to Tartu through the connection with the Vantaa Artist Association which is a parter organization with TAiR. Every year we have an artist exchange during which Vantaa Artist Association sends to Tartu up to two artists and vice-versa.

“I work in woodcut for monotypes, hand-cut plywood and drawings for the residency period. I approach the artistic process through narrative stories. Local stories from my countryside in rural areas are converted into pictures and texts. The main part is the narrators themselves, which I portray the portraits on the basis of their voices. I add tones and writings to portraits. It’s a kind of a Saga. At the same time ambition is also to find a new form of visual expression that enriches the earlier portrait of my expression.

The finished works are part of the children’s “Kaimakivi” art book, which we prepare for integrated teaching in the elementary school.”

Petteri’s artwork:

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