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“Every language code (words, images, music, etc) is characterised by precise rules and dynamics. It was from this consideration that I started wondering about the possibility of transposing one language into the other, wondering what would be the consequences and outcomes of such an approach.

With this concept in mind, I arrived in Tartu where I experienced an incredibly creative time,
working on the idea of how to transpose the breath of plants (the velocity by which they drink water) into sound and music. Thanks to the opportunity to work inside a fantastic studio, to meet incredibly supportive and creative people working at the Tartu Printing Museum, my research has proceeded fast as well as smoothly.

With the support of the TARTU Artist in Residence Program team and the help and logistic support of the director of Tartu Botanical Garden, I set to work immediately after my arrival, testing ways to transform the organic rythm of the plants into a perceptible sound. During the initial research phase, I had the opportunity to make aquaintances with a lot of people – some of them were working into the space, others were volunteers, and it was really interesting to speak with them about their ideas about the inner life of plants.

I would record every morning inside the greenhouse and realize several sound tests with my equipment. This preparatory work enabled me to create a live sound performance inside the greenhouse at the end of the residency. The outcome was really exceptional, in terms of technical support and sound system as well as of the public response. Everyone was surprised to be able to hear the plants internal rhythm unveiled inside the suggestive space of the greenhouse.

It was a wonderful experience for me and the starting point of a research I will bring further in the future.”

Pamela Breda (IT)
June 2016

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