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I was born in Russia, city Saint-Petersburg. I graduated Academy of Arts named I.E.Repina in 2014 year. I try to fold every work of mine with a fairytale. I like to paint things, in which I feel magic and mystery, whether it is a newborn colt or huge stones, covered with incredible moss patterns, or extraordinary city landscapes I work in techniques like watercolor, oil pastel, linocut and woodcut, which, in my opinion, are best suited to transmit something childish and unusual. Linocut plays an important role in my works. For me it’s a game of form and color, it’s a search for states of your work, sometimes it means unexpected discoveries and great opportunities to see you work in different colors. For me the whole process: cutting, printing, color mixing, waiting for the next day to print the next color, is a fairy process, which includes an element of surprise and experiment. I like to look at the work done, while some successful prints are lying on the floor. They are all the same and at the same time absolutely different in color and tone, and each of them has its own state, its mystery. My project in Tartu. It is my new project “City landscape”. It’s a series of engravings and linocuts that tell about beauty and unusualness of the city landscape. Now I feel I would like to return where it all began – to start over with true black and white engraving. I would like to focus on work with shape, clear lines, strive for better accuracy of strokes. I want to achieve and deliver in my landscape woodcuts a truly emotional state only using coalition of white and black color. I want to make the landscape engraving very different: light, tense, gloomy, tranquil, filled with light. I want to work with wood texture, inscribe into shape of a piece of wood architecture of a city. I want to escape the prescribed plane format of a paper sheet with its clear edges and try to develop something in a nonpresumable independent frame presented by a piece of wood. As a result of my work I want to reveal and show an indicative gorgeous and stylish shapes, clear intense lines. I want my engraving to have a look of a book symbol, but at the same time to have strong emotional coloring.

Abandon house

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