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“Coming to Tartu to make prototypes for monuments for a city that can never fail, I discovered that Tartu is a city where there is no stress of too many choices.

I will try to explain this.

Why is Tartu a city that can never fail? Playing with the theme what it is to be “Being Second”, I decided that the second place is the best place because you can do whatever you want.  You don’t have to uphold a status or defend a position. So you won’t fail.

And this has a beautiful unexpected link with what is happening in Tartu. There is always one thing happening – with a thing is meant a festival, an exhibition, a performance. Always one is taking place – not so many that you can get in stress what to choose.  No just one thing. So you can also not fail when making a choice because that stress of too many choices is simply not here. An advantage of “Being second”!?

Is this all true? Well for making my prototypes it does! Prototypes of monuments dedicated to a city that never fails by “Being Second”. And has as slogan  City of good thoughts”

3 prototypes of monuments are under construction at this moment.

Never failing exercise machine-1
never failing exercise machine in the shape of the Roman number 2: II (nearly finished)

5 variations on a podium-2

5 variations on a podium where the second place is the best and most important (presentation is still an issue)
Second thoughts are better-1
Second thoughts are better thoughts (still in sketch stage)

At the end of September there will be the only real choice “Which prototype will be the best by “Being Second” – and then the question if it will be realized …….

Note: at the end of September the prototypes will be exhibited at the Print museum. Stay tuned for more information!”

– PJ Bruyniks (NL)






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